Val op tijdens beurzen, evenementen en bijeenkomsten met een hologram. Creëer een wow-effect met een unieke 3D video.

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Welcome to Media Hologram, the ultimate destination for innovative and unique holographic solutions! We take pride in being at the forefront of the holographic technology world, and our custom-made holograms provide you with the perfect opportunity to communicate your message.

Whether it's trade shows, promotional events, or groundbreaking presentations, at Media Hologram, we ensure that your hologram experience becomes an unforgettable journey.

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Our holograms are not only visually stunning but also effective as a means of communication. Through moving images and text, you can convey your message in a unique and memorable way.

Whether you're showcasing a product, providing instructions, or sharing information, our holograms enable you to present your message in a manner that resonates with your target

Take a look at our projects to get an idea of how our products are used, or to get inspiration for your own business!



LEXIE a.i.

Over the past year, we've undergone an innovative development with the introduction of artificial intelligence. An AI hologram that enables interaction, can hold conversations, and is capable of executing tasks. 

Lexie is specifically designed for education and can be deployed to reduce class disruptions, among other things. Additionally, it serves as a fun teaching assistant in the classroom.


30 cm image surface


70 cm image surface


110 cm image surface


180 cm image surface

The wall

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180 cm image surface

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