Lexie a.i.

Ontdek hier de grenzeloze mogelijkheden van Lexie, een hologram voorzien van Kunstmatige Intelligentie.

Meet Lexie

Over the past year, we have undergone an innovative development with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Lexie is an AI hologram that enables interaction, can hold conversations, and is capable of executing tasks. This innovative gadget is specifically designed for education and can be utilized to reduce class disruptions, among other things. Additionally, it serves as a fun AI teaching assistant in the classroom.

"But what can this interactive hologram actually do? Lexie is an AI hologram with which you can converse and can be deployed in various languages. The hologram recognizes the language spoken to it and will respond in the same language."


Lexie is not only strong in providing information but also visually appealing! This allows you to show pre-programmed animations during the lesson as assignments by asking: Hey Lexie, show the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. Lexie plays the animation, and the teacher can easily explain the map to the students. This makes the lesson interactive and engaging, keeping the students more involved and learning in a unique way. Moreover, complex concepts can be presented in an understandable manner, such as showing the Eiffel Tower during French class or explaining the workings of the heart in 3D.

Customizable A.I.

Prefer another character?

Give LEXIE a unique character that matches your style and needs. Thanks to Media Hologram's advanced technology, you can fully customize LEXIE's holographic appearance. Choose from a range of attributes, appearances, and voice modulations to give your holographic assistant a personality that exceeds your expectations.

LEXIE comes with a stylish and representative pedestal, emphasizing the futuristic character of our AI hologram. This pedestal is a beautiful addition to your workspace, providing LEXIE with a place to shine and impress anyone who meets her. 

Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden als het gaat om een andere personage?

Lexie's Network

With Lexie's network, schools can easily share educational modules with each other, bringing a wealth of diverse and engaging learning resources within reach. Imagine using an animation about the circulatory system for a biology class, or a character animation of Napoleon for a history lesson in Leeuwarden. Thanks to Lexie's network, it becomes possible to share and utilize high-quality and relevant content, regardless of the school's location or resources. This allows high schools to benefit from it, and vice versa.

Whether it's science, history, mathematics, or art, Lexie's network opens the door to a world of innovations for education. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, schools can create a dynamic learning environment that inspires and engages students in their learning experience. 

voorbeeld in de praktijk

In deze video zie je A.I. Hologram Lexie in actie als onderwijsassistent! Lexie bespreekt verschillende onderwerpen, waaronder Engels, algemene kennis, rekenen en het menselijk lichaam. Van het vertalen van zinnen tot het berekenen van complexe wiskundige vraagstukken, Lexie staat altijd paraat om je te helpen!

Know more?

Are you curious about the possibilities and interested in getting to know Lexie? Feel free to contact us, and our experts will be happy to tell you more about the options! Don't forget to follow Media Hologram on social media channels for more updates and the latest news.